“Are Donations to Charity an Effective Incentive for Public Officials?”
with Daniel Butler, Forthcoming at Journal of Experimental Political Science.
Replication files

Updating Supreme Court Legitimacy: Testing the ‘Rule, Learn, Update’ Model of Political Communication” (2017),
with James L. Gibson and Jeffrey Ziegler, American Politics Research.
Replication files

Strategic voting in local elections: evidence from Portugal (1979–2013)” (2016),
with Jorge Fernandes and Carolina PlesciaJournal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 26(3): 312-335.

As sondagens e os resultados eleitorais em Portugal” [Pre-election Polls and Electoral Results in Portugal] (2011),
with Pedro Magalhães and Luis Aguiar-ConrariaBoletim da Sociedade Portuguesa de Estatística, Spring 2011: 37-52.

Under Review

“How does Partisanship Influence Policy Diffusion?” (with Daniel Butler)

“Do Voters Discount Political Scandals Over Time?” (with Nick Waterbury)

“Does Electing Women Reduce Corruption? A Regression Discontinuity Approach.”
Marian Irish Award for Best Paper on Women and Politics, SPSA 2017

Working Papers

“Responsive Campaigning: Evidence from European Parties.”

“Why are Women’s Political Careers Shorter? Evidence from Slovakia.” (with Dalston Ward)

“Do Parties Respond Strategically to Opinion Polls? Evidence from Campaign Messages.” (with José Santana-Pereira)

“Natural Disasters and Legislative Behavior in a Direct Democracy.” (with Michael Bechtel and Lukas Schmid)